• How do I cook the dishes?

    All HOMEBAKE 425°:30™ products cook for 30 minutes at 425°F.

  • Do I leave the film on when I cook it?

    Yes! Film should remain on the tray when it cooks in the oven. Remove film before serving.

  • How should product be stored?

    All HOMEBAKE 425°:30™ products should be stored in the freezer.

  • How many people does a tray serve?

    On average, each HOMEBAKE 425°:30™ has around 4 servings. You can find exact serving sizes for each product on the back of the packaging or on the product page.

  • Can I store leftovers in the HOMEBAKE 425°:30™ trays?

    Yes! Cover your HOMEBAKE 425°:30™ trays and refrigerate to enjoy later!

  • Is HOMEBAKE 425°:30™ recyclable?

    Yes! Check the back of packaging for exact recycling instructions.